About MyPPE Vending

Who Are We?

We are entrepreneurs with successful track records in creating start-up companies.

MyPPE Vending looks to attract talented, successful business men and women across the country to become distributors of the company’s PPE safety vending program in key markets coast to coast.

Our goal is to build a PPE vending network program that is operating throughout the nation through a strong distributor partner network.

Our Mission

MyPPE Vending is strictly a safety and PPE vending company offering personal protective equipment vending items via its smart MyPPE vending machine in high traffic locations. Our ultimate goal is to build a network of like minded entrepreneurial distributors that have the same single focused vision as us.

MyPPE Vending is passionate about changing how people at work and at play are staying protected. MyPPE Vending leverages the latest technologies to provide our customers with an affordable, customized add-on safety program with the best PPE products available. MyPPE Vending and its distributor partners strive to operate coast to coast with a driving commitment to delivering the best customer experience possible.

Data drives everything we do, and knowing what’s selling and what’s not 24/7 will allow us to make real time adjustments to the products offered ensuring everyone profits.