Full Machine Inventory Fill

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak worldwide and the large number of orders we are receiving, orders are taking longer to ship. Instead of the usual 72 hours, your order may take up to 7-10 days to process. We apologize for these temporary delays. We are doing all that we can to resume normal shipment times.

For those of you purchasing the My PPE Vending Machine, this is an easy way to fill it without having to search through each product, count items and fill up your cart. By purchasing the items on this listing, you'll receive the exact number of products and units that will totally fill your PPE Vending Machine as configured.

We've tried to make it easy for you by taking out the guesswork! We recommend that if you're filling your machine for the first time, you should purchase two full inventory fills for each new machine. This way you'll have enough inventory to refill it when your inventory starts to run low.

Here is the complete list of all the products and counts in the Full Machine Inventory Fill:

  • (24) KN95 mask 3-packs
  • (18) KN95 mask 5-packs
  • (10) KN95 mask 10-packs
  • (24) Adult non-surgical disposable mask 5-packs
  • (24) Adult non-surgical disposable mask 10-packs
  • (24) Child non-surgical disposable mask 10-packs
  • (54) Cloth masks (various designs)
  • (24) 5-count antibacterial wipes
  • (12) 20-count antibacterial wipes
  • (24) Medium latex-free glove 10-packs
  • (12) Large latex glove 10-packs
  • (12) 2 oz hand sanitizer spray bottles
  • (10) 4 oz hand sanitizer spray bottles
  • (12) 1 oz hand sanitizer gel bottles
  • (30) Wet Ones antibacterial wipes (single packs)
  • (30) Advil/Tylenol 2-pill packs
  • (9) Non-contact thermometers
  • (30) AAA battery 4-packs

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