Pulse Oximeter / Heart Rate & Oxygen Saturation Monitor

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The average person uses around 550 liters of oxygen per day, but an active person may use up to three times this amount during the day. When oxygen is inhaled in the lungs, it attaches to hemoglobin, which is then distributed to the body. The pulse oximeter takes a snapshot of the blood in your body and accurately measures the percentage of cells in your body that has been saturated with oxygen. A healthy amount of oxygen ranges from 94%-100%, and less can be a sign of poor oxygen levels. Being able to measure these levels both before and after a vigorous activity can help you decide on how long you need to recover!

Care Touch’s oximeter is an excellent tool for measuring the stress levels in a person through pulse rate readings. Stress is one of the most prevalent health concerns in modern society, and can have a negative impact on those who have issues with their cardiovascular and heart systems. Getting fast and accurate readings of your pulse rate within seconds can help you determine what factors are raising your stress levels.

This oxygen monitor is fast, accurate, light, and easy to carry. We’ve included a lanyard so that you can take it no matter what activity you’re doing. It is also great for traveling, and is commonly used by people who are often changing altitudes, such as pilots, as well as medical professionals, caretakers, or nurses who are looking for fast and accurate pulse or Sp02 readings.

It is perfect for active lifestyles, people who are involved in health care, or for people who just need a little extra help with keeping track of their stress levels and oxygen intake in order to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.


  • BRIGHT LED SCREEN- The display on the screen is large and bright, and has easy to read charts and graphs. The LED cover blocks out ambient light, making it easy to take readings in just a few seconds.
  • EASY TO USE – Simply place your finger inside the chamber of the machine, press the operating button, and then wait. Within seconds, you’ll have an accurate reading of you SpO2 levels and pulse rate.
  • ACCURATE SP02 TRACKING- Using our oximeter you can now use it to track your recovery after long workouts. Tracking your score can keep you from over-training and straining your body! Athletes incorporate SpO2 into a recovery score, in order to track their health and make predictions accordingly.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVELING- While traveling, your body can often take time to adjust to new altitudes. This meter will allow you to check your oxidation levels, to ensure that your body is properly acclimating to a new environment.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT- This pulse oximeter is small, compact, lightweight, and battery operated. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your batteries, the sleep mode will activate when it is not in use. It fits perfectly in any gym or travel bag! We’ve included a lanyard and batteries, so that you can take quick and accurate measurements on the go.